Grow with Others

Grow Groups are smaller groups focused Up to God, In to one another, and Out to the community. Each year we have three seasons of Grow Groups: Spring, Summer, and Fall.  While there are other groups during the week, our Saturday morning groups will equip you in your journey with Christ in three key areas: gospel foundations, biblical doctrine, and spiritual gifting.

If you’d like to lead or co-lead a Grow Group contact You can also click here to download the application form or fill out the online application.


The Gospel is the most profound story ever spoken of and unfortunately often un-spoken of. This group is focused on helping us all understand in a deep and communicable way how The Good News of Jesus can work in and through us. If you desire a deeper relationship with Christ and are willing to take a fresh look at basic Christianity, this class is for you.



Many churches teach many things, claiming the Bible as their only authority. There are not many versions of the truth, just truth. Everything the Bible teaches on Suffering, Death, Hell, Salvation, Christ’s Return, etc., all communicate something about God’s Character and are important to understand through scripture and not tradition. Questions, differing views, and serious discussions are all welcome here. If you desire a better understanding of the Bible and it’s author this group is for you.


In a refreshing study of Ephesians 4, discover God’s original design for His Church through the gifts of Apostle, Prophet, Evangelist, Shepherd, and Teacher. Explore how each of us is uniquely gifted for mission and together can grow in our capacity to serve our community. Come, let’s redefine what it means to be the church!



A group for anyone and everyone. Food, Fellowship and various interesting and relevant topics and discussions. From Protestant Reformation to “God and Your Brain” there is no subject off limits. If you love people and you love learning, join our Friday Night Family.

We meet the 2nd & 4th Friday of the month.